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Created by Lote 23 PR

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The best pizzeria in Santurce, Dorotea's is making pizza like nobody else does. 

Wok It 

Build & eat your rice or noodles box. You make it. We wok it.

Café Regina

We are a small specialty shop. We focus on espresso & experimental coffee drinks, light breakfasts & lunches & house-made pastries.

Sr. Paleta

Ice cream shop.


Los Proceres

Pernilería Los Próceres is a food truck in Santurce, Puerto Rico, where chef Mario Juan and his team make Pernil (Puerto Rican Style Pork Shoulder) Sandwiches.

El Jangiri

Healthy Poke Bowls.


Pommes frites inspired on the belgian tradition. Papas fritas inspiradas en el metodo belga.


Hen House

Fried Chicken Kiosk in Lote 23

Up In Smoke

Smoked Food Joint


Drinks and Cocktails.

Nacho Libre

Mexican food

Tía Dora

Munchies, Pitas, Salads, Panini’s, Wines
And Cocktails. 

El Cuchifrito

Puertorican Mofongo.