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Created by Lote 23 PR

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Taste the flavor of Lote 23

Taste mini versions from many of our kiosks!

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Santurce´s Flourishing Startup Scene

We will visit up to 8 locations, engage with a maximum of 10 local entrepreneurs, enjoy several water, coffee, and food spots throughout the Tech Corridor of Juan Ponce De Leon Street.

Sunset Sail by San Juan Historical Bay

You'll get to see a different perspective of old San Juan, with complimentary drinks, all you can have, feeling save but free, in parties no larger than 6, good for special moment, or turning this moment into a special one. While in contact with nature elements, sometimes you may get surprised by dolphins. Let´s Sail, with Sail San Juan Bay.

Private Historic Old and New San Juan experience

Experience San Juan, Puerto Rico; one of the Americas’ oldest cities and discover how us, fellow american citizens lived 400 years of struggles with Spain, how we have flourished after becoming part of USA and how you can help us stop inequality a d keep being considered an alien race and uncivilized by the territorial clauses of the 1930's wich still rule us as a Comonwealth of the USA.